After all the nastiness of this election season, it’s a relief to sit down and watch the vote totals rolling in from East to West.

No more campaign ads! No more robo-calls! No more push-polling phone banks! Peace, perfect peace, with  pundits far away, nattering amongst themselves. The defeated will be off licking their wounds tomorrow, wondering how it is that things went so very, very wrong for them. I believe the correct answer there is: “What goes around comes around. You betcha.”  

ABC announced Texas went for John McCain, stating the obvious to anyone who lives here. The pleasant surprise, for me, is that Obama already took Pennsylvania, and ABC says he’ll win Ohio and Iowa, too. I’m wondering what will happen in Missouri, a bellwether state, but when the big burgs of St. Louis and Kansas City report in, I’m expecting Missouri also will show up in the blue column. But I won’t feel really comfortable until Florida’s called — and called with a substantial-enough margin that there will be no attempted theft, no repeat of 2000’s agonizing butterfly ballot/hanging-chad debacle. 

So far my favorite part of the evening, goofy election entertainment-wise, has got to be NBC’s skating-rink electoral map. It’s one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen, yet I can’t look away every time they show it. I love the people dutifully adding puzzle pieces of red and blue states to the ice out there in Rockefeller Plaza. It’s just a mesmerizingly ditzy idea, no doubt thought up by someone who gets paid six or seven figures to create ridiculous stuff like that. The only thing that could have made it better would’ve been if they’d had swimsuit-clad Miss America contestants carrying out their home states’ jigsaw map pieces. As much as I love Brian Williams, who IMHO is currently the Sexiest Anchor Alive, I cannot believe he didn’t suggest that.  

But the No Showboating Award goes, as usual, to Jim Lehrer and his PBS news team. They don’t make any projection calls of their own; they just report what the AP and other TV networks are saying. They don’t use a lot of fancy CGI graphics. They don’t try to be anything but serious news people. How utterly refreshing.